Sunday, February 1, 2009

My First Not-So-First Post

This was originally meant to be the very first post before I touched it up a bit…

Some time early last year I decided to start my first personal blog. The reason was simple: I had been reading Funmi Iyanda’s and several other blogs for a long time and every time I left a comment, my name would be grayed out while others had blue hyperlinks that led to their respective profiles/blogs. I was envious…

And so I created my very first blog. It was actually nothing to write home about. I dimly recall my very first post on it was autobiographical in nature and of patriotic bent as I stoutly defended my birth and birth-country. Then I waited for my very first comment.

None came.

Second post. Nothing…

In a moment of desperation I did something I am very ashamed to admit to. I left myself an anonymous comment thinking that would trigger the avalanche. There wasn’t even a trickle. I did the blog rounds leaving comments and hoping my fellow bloggers would repay the favour. They all returned the disfavour.

There and then I decided I wasn’t going to be disappointed a third time. Rather than succumb to the temptations of writing a wildly controversial piece or leaving another “anonymous” comment I did what I would have previously deemed unthinkable: I deleted the entire blog.

That decision was one I still regret till now. For one, I can’t reclaim that blog address which (to me) was rather cool. Second, I can never be that exact same person that wrote those lines then neither can I ever get them back since I had no backup at that time and just wrote them freely off the top of my head. Then there was no editing and re-editing, no error-checking before posting. My writing was spontaneous. Till now, I do miss that person sometimes.

And so once again I’m back to the personal milestone of my notoriously second blog post the difference this time being that I am more comfortable with the fact that I may not receive any comments. Second posts always evoke a certain feeling within me, a sign to say “I have put my other foot in the fast rushing stream as I wait to be swept away by the waves of literary uncertainty”.

So here I am starting all over again and hoping I get it right this time.

This is my kingdom. This is my blog. This is my world.

You are welcome to examine the inner workings of a great mind.

No deceptions or alter egos on this one.

This is me.

To be honest, I don’t really know where I’m going but I do think I have a faint idea…


  1. ok cool...if your new to bloggers...then welcome. Well even if your just starting all over again. You have this as your own world and so do I ...OYINS WORLD...

    take care and dont be a stranger!!

  2. Hi Oyin! I see you ran into my personal blog and the different literary tone must have confused you a bit. Anyway, though I'm not a new blogger, this is a starting-over of sorts for me.
    Thanks for the visit. I'm dropping by your world now.

  3. LMao...sorry I cant stop laughing...same thing happened to me when I did my first post...i waited and waited...mine was worse cos it was a bet....but with time people will get to know and like ur blog...its a bit confusing thogh cos you have many blogs and one doesn't really know which one to click on...

  4. @ Afrobabe: Considering your popularity now, I can bet who's laughing hardest now.
    As for the blog confusions, I understand people might have difficulties choosing but I'm hoping they'll see one which they like and stick with it.

  5. lol.
    You are straight, friend. Straight. That's a very fine trait. Very fine.

    But you are also funny! lol!


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