Sunday, January 25, 2009

And Then There Was Me...

One out of six billion
One in six billion
Always the same
Always changing

I know who

Living the Life
Experiencing the deaths
Exploring the depths
In search for God, love and Heaven

I know why

Creation and destiny
Ova and spermatozoa
Fertilization and gestation
Labour and delivery

I know how

A voice of reason
A heart of gold
A mind bursting with turmoil
A hand scribbling on the wall of my subconscious

I know what

Ruler of my destiny
Conqueror of my fears
Sovereign of my kingdom
Dictator of this blog...

I know where

© December 5, 2008

Like my friend Rayo, once in a while I do try my hand at writing a poem...


  1. Oh, really?
    The poem is nice.
    Is this going to be a poem blog?
    The template is cool.
    I'm game!

  2. No, this is not
    Going to be a poem blog
    And yes, I love the template too
    Spend some time scouting Blogger for it


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