Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blame It On The (Lack of) Internet & Where I've Been...

So for the very first time ever, I'm doing something I've NEVER ever done before in all my blogging life: publishing an unedited post directly into my Blogger publisher page. Usually I'm used to typing everything (yes, even my comments) in MS Word and proof-reading before doing the entire copy/paste routine. But not for now at least... So forgive any typos...

I've missed Blogville... I didn't go anywhere. I still do my blog-rounds religiously but I don't leave comments anymore. I try to think of something original or witty to type and everything comes out sounding cliche.

The poor internet services (helped by the rumoured SAT-3 shenanigans) haven't helped either. I've blown a fortune sitting down in cafes waiting for Blogger's sign-in page to load. Not helpful too when you have to move around cautiously with work ID and laptop receipts (both fakes in my own case) before a trigger-happy policeman nabs you for Advanced Fee Fraud. Funny enough, the real scammers have no such fear of the Police.

So where have I been all this while? Well, I'm getting my new digital high from Twitter. I put up the widget here before so people could follow me but since my family's still intent on knowing all I do online I had to take it down. I haven't abandoned Blogville, just that the crowd on Twitter seem so focused and yet nobody there takes themselves too seriously at the same time. Turns out the 140-character limit really brings out the best in certain people literary-wise...

Funny enough, I relate with certain bloggers even better there than on Blogger. Plus I've even met a few in real-life too though I'm not mentioning names! It's an open secret anyway...

Enough of the free PR. As for my personal life, not much has changed I'm afraid. Still out of work and as I type this, I'm supposed to be getting my beauty sleep in preparation for an interview back in Lagos but I've just decided I'm not going anyway. I'd gone for 4 (yes, four!) previous interviews in June at the same said company for an Engineering position only for the Manager to flip the whole thing  around. Now, just when I leave Lagos for a few days to give myself a much-deserved rest (?) they want me to come back for a 5th interview as a temporary Trainee! Not only has the position been downgraded from a full post, but I hear that the job is just a one month contact  meaning I'll be back on the dole within one month.

I guess I'm just pissed because I missed another earlier job opportunity just to attend the previous interviews in the first place and I'm still beating myself up for not choosing the other company. I'm still hoping and praying though because it's almost 6 months now since I quit and my siblings' patience must be wearing thin. My mom wants to help but it hurts knowing I should be fending for her now and not the other way round.

Speaking of praying, I haven't been doing much of that either. I still talk to GOD but we're not as tight as we used to. He's still there for me but I'm the one holding back. Even when I want to run mad with frustration, He still does something - anything - to show me His awesome presence whether it's as simple as showing me where I misplaced my wallet or giving me the courage to let go of fear and seek out wonderful people who want to help me without even knowing my real name. He's just too good to me and I hope I can get back to how we used to be. I hardly talk about religious stuff so this out-pouring is still making me a bit uncomfortable. That's just me I guess.

August holds a lot of emotional memories for me and I'm hoping I'll have the courage to blog about them. Interestingly, they mostly revolve around women (or the lack of). My best female friend's getting married in a few weeks and our talks concerning marriage have been very interesting. I'm trying to schedule a post as I write this so...

Everybody's hooking up nowadays and it's rather scary in a way.  But what's even more annoying is when people you've known all your life start showing attitude just because they've paid a dowry, hired a church and worn a ring. I'm not beefing marriage but oh well, why am I even saying all this anyway?

And in case you peeps haven't figured it out by now, I'm rambling like mad, the sole reason I never do unplanned posts. I wasn't even going to put up a post up till like 20 minutes ago when I checked out a new blog I'd just discovered and saw someone saying he'd missed me since I'd gone MIA. So this one's for you Kay9, that's if you haven't given up on my blogs.

Time to hit the Publish Post button under this edit text field and broadcast my jargon to the world. I'm too lazy to even look for an image to accompany this post so I'm using Kay9's profile picture hoping he'll see it.

Gotta go now... MS Word rocks! No endorsements intended but I'm never trying this ish again...


  1. welcome back...and dont worry bout the job would come soon

  2. LOL... Better late than never mate.... The Twitter crowd's a wee bit crazy.. But then maybe that's why they rock.. Keep pushing on the job thing.........

  3. @ doll: I sure hope so... Thanks for dropping by.

    @ akaBagucci: I TOTALLY agree with you concerning the Twitter crowd. Even John C Mayer must be tired of reading about his abs by now!
    I appreciate your concern. Thanks...

  4. OMG !! I never read a more typo-ridden post!!!

    LOL. just kidding.

    Why're you dedicating the post to Kay9? Let me go find out what he's done to deserve it...

  5. Hang in there friend. Best is yet to come,be on the lookout for it,keep your head up!
    Twitter is awesome!

  6. Well, what can i say? (***grinning from ear to ear***) I'm flattered, mehn really. I kinda wondered what my pic was doing up there at first, but... heck, its good to hear from you, Noty. Just keep following your rainbow, its gonna take you to the Pot of Gold.

    And thanx for da free publicity! (lol!!)

    @SHE: Found it yet?

  7. @ SHE: Shhhhhhh!!! *whisper mode* The post actually had its fair share of typos so I later copied/pasted into MS Word and edited it all over again (which I should have done in the first place). What you see now are the final results...
    As for Kay9, let's just say he missed me a lot and inspired me to put up a post just like how you inspired me to return once upon a time in the recent past...

    @ blogoratti: Thanks bro... I'm trying... It gets hard, but I'm trying...
    Twitter is awesome I agree especially seeing as I am following your tweets on it. My fear is that something newer will soon come up and we'll all migrate to the new buzz by then too!

    @ Kay9: The publicity was nothing. I swear, your comment concerning me on a certain blog brought tears to my eyes. But then again, maybe I lie...
    PS: Your pic fit the image I was trying to convey PERFECTLY. I figured, why scour the internet looking for an appropriate image when I can kill two birds with one stone? A typical case of "wetin dey for Sokoto..."

  8. Never knew you had a personal blog. I visit MN sometimes. Nice post. Twitter is just a hype that appears to be holding up. Lets check back in a few years.


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